Brand: Brochure Display Systems

Product Code: EXV180

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  • sed as landscape postcard holder with use of a base bracket (EXVS80).
  • Used in wall mounted brochure holder wall system.
  • Used in all free standing brochure display systems such as carousels, trolleys, lobby and foyer stands.
  • Used as a landscape slatwall postcard holder with 2 special slatwall clips (EXSCW25).
  • Holds postcard holders in landscape format.
  • Scratch resistant glass like appearance.
  • Economical-very price competitive.
  • Light and durable.
  • Full height support of brochures to prevent bending at the top of the unit.
  • At least 50% exposure of brochures through clear front.



Internal Dimensions

(WxHxD ) 170mm x 110mm x 16mm

External Dimensions

(WxHxD ) 180mm x 110mm x 20mm


Made from clear high impact polystyrene.